Bulgarian Eurovision 2008 entrants Deep Zone & DJ Balthazar with a bag of surprises for Belgrade


Deep Zone & Balthazar will do their best to make the Eurovision audiences enjoy their performance on 22 May in Belgrade this year. A fresh video clip to the track “DJ, Take Me Away” is being shot at the moment, which features the lead singer Joanna, who wears only special body-art painting.

To kick off their national tour round 20 Bulgarian clubs, Deep Zone & Balthazar flew with a balloon. For the last three weeks more than 30 000 people have visited the event. The hugest show is planned to be in Sofia on 29 March in a popular club in the Bulgarian capital.

Meanwhile, Deep Zone promise many surprises for the show during the Semi-Final in Serbia – for the stage performance of “DJ, Take Me Away” the audience will enjoy a spectacular show with burning DJ plates, a world’s break dance champion, a laser harp reminding of Jean Michel Jarre’s harp, hi-tech DJ guitars, which will be seen for the first time in history.

I wonder when Deep Zone made the time, but a week ago the band released their long-awaited album called “Album of the Year” (will it become?). It contains 11 club sound compositions of Deep Zone, Balthazar & JackRock.

We’ll see if a DJ project has any chance at Eurovision.


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