Do you remember the celebration of kids’ music in Lemesos last year? And the well-deserved winner Bzikebi from Georgia? JESC 2008 seems to have been successful for organisers and participants alike (at least for most of the participants). Some countries keep on participating, others have decided to give it up, so the number of participants for JESC 2009 is 15.

The 7th Junior Eurovision Song Contest will be held in the Ukrainian capital Kiev. Singers from 10 to 15 years of age will compete for the chance to be called Winner of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. As long as you fall in this age group, you have written and can perform your song, go for it and apply in your country’s selection.

After the great show on Saturday, get down to Planet Earth and start thinking about the next JESC.

As you might already know, but lets remind you again, next year the Junior ESC 2009 will take place in the Ukrainian capital Kyiv, or Kiev. The month when the contest will be held is November, 2009, and the exact date will be announced pretty soon. The exact place will become clear next year, perhaps some time after the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest.

Lets go Ukraine! but before this, we are going to Moscow, right ;)

Here are the complete results from the 2008 Junior Eurovision Song Contest, which took place on Saturday, 22 November in Lemesos, Cyprus. A unique multimedia event, bringing together kids from across Europe.

Congratulations, Georgia!

  1. Georgia — Bzikebi, Bzz… 154 points
  2. Ukraine — Victoria Petryk, Matrosy 135 p.
  3. Lithuania — Egle Jurgaityte, Laiminga diena 103 p.
  4. Malta — Daniel Testa, Junior swing 100 p.
  5. FYR Macedonia — Bobi Andonov, Prati mi SMS 93 p.
  6. Belarus — Alina & Karina, Sertse Belarusi 86 p.
  7. Russia — Mihail Puntov, Spit angel 73 p.
  8. Armenia — Monika Manucharova, Im ergi hnchyune 59 p.
  9. Romania — Madalina & Andrada, Salvati planeta 58 p.
  10. Cyprus — Elena Mannouri & Charis Savva, Gioupi gia! 46 p.
  11. Belgium — Oliver, Shut up 45 p.
  12. Serbia — Maja Mazic, Uvek kad u nebo pogledam 37 p.
  13. Netherlands — Marissa, Een dag 27 p.
  14. Greece — Niki Yiannouchu, Kapoia nychta 19 p.
  15. Bulgaria — Krestiana Kresteva, Edna mechta 15 p.

The Georgian bee trio Bzikebi (The Wasps) won the sixth Junior Eurovision Song Contest minutes ago. With 154 points they bzzzed the competition away. The bees were magnificent on stage, in yellow and black, they performed a lovely typically childish yet very complex song. And the lyrics consists of a single word only – “bzzz”, performed with immaculate mixture of tones and melodies.

Congratulations, Georgia!

A quarter of an hour before the show in Lemesos you can cut the air with a knife – the hall is almost full, the performers are already backstage, with their make-up and stage constumes on, eager to start.

Who are you going to vote for? And who do you think will the winner be? I love the Georgian track, and Oliver from Belgium has a lovely song too! Ukraine has a great lively, pically children’s song, combined with a nice kids’ show… Well, I keep my fingers crossed for all the kids to be happy with what they will have done tonight!

Thermometres show 22 – 24° C these days, of course if you are in Limassol (Lemesos) at the sixth Junior Eurovision Song Contest. It’s sun and fun in the sun!

The rehearsals kicked off successfully. Most of the participants have already had their first sound and light checks – most of them are happy with the results. The kids already met the hosts – Sophia Paraskeva and Alex Michael. They got to know each other at the special welcoming party, marked by a special spirit of friendship and joy.

I’ll try to keep you updated as much as possible about what’s going on in the heart of children’s music world.

The final running order for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest to be held on 22 November in Lemasos, Cyprus became known last week. The hosts Sophia Paraskeva and Alex Michael will lead you into the miracle of the kid’s show, appealing to children and adults alike.

Here is the list:

  1. Romania
  2. Madalina & Andrada
    Salvati Planeta

  3. Armenia
  4. Monika Manucharova
    Im Ergi Hnchyune

  5. Belarus
  6. Daria Nadina, Alina Molosh, Karina Zhukovich
    Sertse Belarusi

  7. Russia
  8. Mihail Puntov
    Spit Angel

  9. Greece
  10. Niki Yiannouchu
    A Night

  11. Georgia
  12. Bzikebi

  13. Belgium
  14. Oliver
    Shut Up

  15. Bulgaria
  16. Krestiana Kresteva
    Edna Mechta

  17. Serbia
  18. Maja Mazic
    Uvek Kad U Nebo Pobledam

  19. Malta
  20. Daniel Testa
    Junior Swing

  21. The Netherlands
  22. Marissa
    1 Dag

  23. Ukraine
  24. Victoria Petryk

  25. Lithuania
  26. Egle Jurgaityte
    Laiminga Diena

  27. FYR Macedonia
  28. Bobi Andonov
    Prati Mi SMS

  29. Cyprus
  30. Elena Mannouri & Charis Savva
    Gioypi Gia

Who do you think will the 2009 host broadcaster for the junior Eurovision be? Whatever you thought, it is Ukraine and nowhere else that the little sister of Eurovision heads next year. Kyiv and the Ukrainian national broadcaster NTU won the opportunity to host and produce the huge TV show at the HoD meeting in Lemasos yesterday.

Just a quick reminder, in order to become host of the JESC you don’t need to win the contest, but only apply for the opportunity. The country winning the chance to host the show has to have a proper hall holding at least 10 000 people, the broadcaster should be experienced enough in big events, and the EBU need to decide if the political, economic, and touristic situation in the respective place is appropriate for the contest.

This year the small contestants are lucky to travel to Cyprus, where the organizers promise 25 degrees Celsius in November. Good luck to CyBC and to all participants. We’ll let you know the running order for the show shortly.