Eurovision Promo tours in full swing!


Europe has already gone crazy with the Eurovision fever. Whereever you live in Europe, especially if it is the capital city, you’re most likely to have a Eurovision star visiting your place sooner or later. Because most Eurovision participants as as busy as bees promoting their entries.

Let’s see where we can get to see them these days:

The Turkish participants Mor ve ötesi, or “the Turkish ambassadors of rock music” as they call themselves in their blog, are embarking on a long long promo tour to make Europe sing along crazily their alternative rock track Deli (Crazy). Athens, Tbilisi and are on their PR map, to name but a few. Till mid-May they will have visited Skopje, Lisbon, Kyiv, and Baku.

The Russian hope Dima Bilan is going to Belgium and the Netherland. The Armenian singer Sirusho, who’s been discussed around massively, and has got the support of so many fans so far, and the Belgian band Ishtar are all going to Holland to promote their tracks. Amsterdam will also host promo gigs of Swedish Charlotte Perrelli and Boaz Mauda from Israel.

The Bulgarian guys Deep Zone & Balthazar are on a promo tour in Eurovision’s stronghold Malta, planning more trips to Lisbon, London, Bucharest, and Athens. Another artist planning to visit Malta pretty soon to present her track Have Some Fun is the Czech charmer Tereza Kerndlová. The Portuguese entrant, on the other hand, will be returning the visit to Bulgaria, where she’ll perform a duet with 2006 Bulgarian Eurovision participant Mariana Popova.

Belgium seems to be a hot spot for Eurovision stars this season: the Romanian representatives Nico & Vlad, the Ukrainian beauty Ani Lorak (born Karolina), Rebeka Dremelj from Slovenia, Dima Bilan, Laka from Bosnia & Herzegovina, and the representatives of this-year’s host Serbia – Jelena Tomasevic will attend a grand Eurovision party in Brussels:

After launching her own perfume, Diana Gurtskaya from Georgia is ready to kick off a promo tour staring from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and Sweden.

I’ll do my best to keep you all updated, but it’s hard work with all this traffic going on throughout Europe. But we all enjoy it, right :)


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