Looking for answers… an interview with Natasha and Charlene


Wondering where it all starts, and how one gets successful at Eurovision, I decided to try asking Maltese sisters Natasha and Charlene, a huuuge example of Eurovision spirit.. They were so kind to spend some time on my queries. Have a look at what they have to say on music, Eurovision, and…

  1. You are one of the most successful duets in the history of Eurovision. You are among the most popular names in the music industry in Malta and across Europe. Is it only the family link between you two, and love for music that keeps you on top, or there is something else?

    Well, being sisters we think helps a lot because when working on new material we have no problem speaking our minds out or complaining to each other J nobody gets offended, and if we do, it will soon pass because we’re used to arguing and making friends again in no time! The other thing is that we’re always up for new ideas and always ready to experiment with new styles, and of course we are both very determined and find a lot for support from our family and that gives us the strength to get up again after each fall and be stronger for whatever is yet to come!

  2. Charlene and Natasha ESCYou come from a country where Eurovision is almost a cult. What are your latest projects released or to be released on the music market and are they related ONLY to Eurovision?

    As regards Eurovision this year, yes, we have been working on some very good new material! J and this summer we’ve also been busy creating something more which is due to be ready very soon!

  3. You are absolutely successful on the TV, your faces are familiar to everyone in Malta. Where can international fans see you and listen to you these days, if they come to Malta?

    We are back on Net TV as from the first week of October, “Sas-Sitta” which is an afternoon entertainment program, live every Saturday from 2pm till 6pm. Then of course we have our private functions in various hotels and different localities around Malta. We will be taking part in various concerts these coming days and will be very busy throughout Christmas with a very big show which is also a production of Spiteri Lucas Entertainment. For more info visit www.charleneandnatasha.com

  4. Last year, we saw you on the Bulgarian National Final as part of an international project with Swedish and Irish as well as Bulgarian participation. What can motivate you participate for a country which is not your native?

    First of all, we would like to say that our participation in Bulgaria last year was an experience we shall never forget! We were approached by Jonas Gladnikoff and later on also by Niall Mooney to work on the song Open your Eyes, as we listened to it the first time we immediately agreed it would’ve been a good song for the Eurovision. Bulgaria gave us the opportunity to enter our song in the competition and as we are always up for new opportunities we decided to try our luck in your festival as well J

  5. How far do your plans go to international participation, no only related to the ESC?

    We have worked with different composers as we like to experiment new styles, and since music is something platonic the more ideas from different people of different backgrounds and from different countries, the better it gets. Presently we are working on more material with new artists and composers from different countries as well as from Malta.

  6. This year you are taking part in the National selection of Malta. What are your expectations given the competition for the up-coming Eurovision season? Who are your most serious competitors?

    Every year is a very tough competition here in Malta, we have a lot of talented singers as well as composers, and everybody is very determined to win! There are a few popular names which have been in the scene for some years now and everybody is waiting for his time to come plus you never know about the new faces. I just hope the best song wins!

  7. And finally, Open Your Eyes, the song performed in Sofia during the national Contest, carries a wonderful message. I cannot imagine it performed in any other language but English. This is not the case for Malta, but what do you think of artists performing in English, for whom English is not native.

    Well, I guess the most important thing in a song is that you are able to communicate your message, you want people to understand what your song is about, so they can relate to your feelings and make it their own song.. so it would really have to depend on who’s listening J

Wish you good luck in your future participation on Eurovision and hope to see you soon, maybe in Belgrade!


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