More 2008 Eurovision participants come to be known


Last weekend, more European countries selected their entries for the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest. The list is almost concluded, some more are missing, among them the Big Four.

Here’s a list of the finalists and my humble commentary.

  1. Bulgaria: Deep Zone & Balthazar – DJ Take Me Away
  2. A pop disco track that could easily get you jumping. Yoanna (the vocal) could have done better with the singing, and the dress.. Yet, Bulgaria surprised us with a nice show, the side programme featuring Ukrainian star Ruslana, was much more fascinating than the 12 competing participants.

  3. Croatia: Kraljevi Ulice & 75 Cents – Romanca
  4. Did they call this type of song “old urban songs” (starogradska pesen)?? Well, perhaps there are still people who might well like them, but I doubt it. However, I have to note the high quality of the band and the concept behind the track. Good luck, guys, you might win the “worst song” on Eurovision award!

  5. Greece: Kalomira Saranti – Secret Combination
  6. A truly Eurovision song that can shake up Europe and get it dancing. Ethnic elements combined with disco sound – that’s a universal formula for success. The thing I enjoy most – the ballet ;)

  7. Iceland: Eurobandid – Fulkomid lif (This is My Life)
  8. It’s a cool Eurovision song. A typical Eurovision song, if you ask me. Hope more people vote for Iceland, ‘coz they deserve it simply for travelling on such a long distance from the this northern island.

  9. Ireland: Dustin The Turkey – Irelande Douze Pointe
  10. And that’s the cherry of the cake, the top of the top. A fantastic burlesque, a parody that mocks the original idea of Eurovision. Seems like the ancestors of Saint Patrick are fed up with finishing at final position. This morning, I listened to a French radio, where they had a special 10-minute comment on this song. The French are impressed and are very much looking forward to the result. Just like we all are.

  11. Macedonia: Tamara ft. Vrcak & Adrian – Vo ime na ljubovta (In The Name of Love)
  12. The Macedonian entrant will again go for the local language. An up-tempo track telling about love and passion, perhaps.

  13. Poland: Isis Gee – For Life
  14. Do we need to comment on this song again? A powerful solo female vocal, a touching ballad, a catchy and familiar rhythm. And so very professional! For Life definitely stands every chance to win the 2008 ESC. What do you reckon?

  15. Romania: Nico & Vlad Mirita – Pe-o Margine De Lume
  16. Oh, it sounds so Italian! It’s cool and romantic, and above all, well-measured.

  17. Ukraine: Ani Lorak – Shady Lady
  18. This song is a huge step beyond what we are used to see representing Ukraine at the Eurovision Song Contest. The good news is that Ukraine and Greece are not participating in the same semi-final, which will save us from watching the same (secret) combination twice.


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