National Eurovision finals and preselections across Europe: a tentative review


More are coming, so that by the end of the month we’ll have all the winners of the local ‘Eurovisions’ across Europe. Here’s some of the winners worth noting.

  1. Albania: Olta Boka – Zemrën E Lamë Peng
  2. Albania will compete with a nice ballad in Albanian. It’s a pity I can’t get a word, but there’s no need to: the female vocal is resolute yet mild. Could be better in terms of composition, but I reckon many people will like it.

  3. Andorra: Gisela – Casanova
  4. Wonder if this is the present state of the Eurovision Song Contest?! Andorra seems to be a million years away from Eurovision. This year’s representative of the small principality is Gisela – a cheerful girl – and I guess she’ll offer a “fairy-tale” show in Belgrade telling us about romance and the historical lover Casanova. But haven’t we heard this type of song many times already…

  5. Azerbaijan: Elnur Guseynov and Samir Javadzadeh – Day After Day
  6. There’s been a huge support for Azerbaijan’s debut in Eurovision: Eurovision stars, like Ukrainian diva Ruslana and Serbian winner Maria Serifovic, from across Europe joined in to say “Welcome” to one of three new-comers this year. In Belgrade we’ll see a male duet who, with heavy odds against them on part of the other two competitors, managed to grab the trophy. As for the song – pop-rock supported by high vocals, correct me if I’m wrong, influenced to a degree by the Russian school.

  7. Belarus: Ruslan Alenho – Hasta La Vista
  8. Does he stand a chance to win this-year’s ESC? Who knows, but Belarus has always been capable of surprising the audience. Yes, it’s good. Yes, he sings like a god, and yes – there are people in Minsk who can write good songs.

  9. Cyprus: Evdokia Kadi – Femme Fatale
  10. Cyprus can’s stop experimenting. Not even after a series of losses for one of the countries who’ve invested so much in Eurovision. Evdokia Kadi sings in Greek, for a change, what’s really notable having in mind what we’ve heard from Aphrodite’s island recently (in 2006, Annet Artani performed a typically American song, which sounded truly out of place, at least to me. Last year, Evridiki with her experiment in French – Comme ci comme ca did not even qualify to the Final). The traditional music that Evdokia has to offer seems to be much less annoying.

  11. Czech Republic: Tereza Kerndlová – Have Some Fun
  12. Prague sends to Belgrade a lift-me-up song. It does sounds like Nellie Furtado, doesn’t it? It strikes me as one of the few songs selected so far that can become a European hit, if nothing else. Keep it going, Tereza!

  13. Denmark: Simon Mathew – All Night Long
  14. Purely European sound, party atmosphere, cool looks, a naughty cheeky band – the recipe for good mood, if not for anything else. For me, this song embodies the spirit of Eurovision. Sing along:
    “The sun is up
    I’m feeling great
    I’m just enjoying life
    Right here in the shade…”

  15. Estonia: Kreisiraadio – Leto Svet
  16. Verka Serduchka in a mock pop-jazz-seventies-ridicule version, multiplied by three. Okay, it can be fun, it can be a show, but where’s the music gone? It packed and embarked on a long journey? Of course many people will vote for them, and why not :) But it’s not surprising in its goal to shock us with its “craziness”. Have a look at the British entries recently for inspiration, and you’ll get what I mean.

  17. Hungary: Csézy – Szívverés
  18. This is an ultimate romantic song. I can’t keep looking at Csézy’s dress though, it’s so distracting. I do hope she’ll make up to put on something simpler during the show ;) Well done on the language front!

  19. Lithuania: Jerominas Milius – Nomads In The Night
  20. One thing is for sure – Lithuania keep surprising us.

  21. Malta: Morena – Vodka
  22. Well, if there is anyone who can help Malta out of trouble and bring it to the Final, that’s Vodka. Cheers :)

  23. Norway: Maria Haukaas Storeng – Hold on be strong
  24. Scandinavia again offers a little piece of valuable music. Miss Storeng knows what and how to sing it – a track that appeals to all tastes. It can make you picture the Aurora Borealis though it’s not terribly romantic.

  25. Slovenia: Rebeka Dremelj – Vrag Naj Vzame
  26. Rebeka won Ema 2008 and here she is, representing Slovenia. She did it thanks to a pop song, a couple of backing vocals and.. good (to some) looks. Yet another song in a native language. Great!

  27. Turkey: Mor ve Ötesi – Deli
  28. A melodic rock track won the Turkish national selection and is eventually going to Serbia. What more can we want after years of typically traditional music mixed with modern elements that Turkey had to offer to the Eurovision audiences in recent years? A nice sensual male vocal supported by an energetic band – it can turn out to be a nice show.


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