Paolo Meneguzzi with Era stupendo for Switzerland


A feel of the Apennines in the Eurovision Song Contest: the original host of the ESC sends an Italian-speaking singer to the event in Belgrade.

The 2008 Eurovision Song Contest will again celebrate a little piece of Italy through this-year’s Swiss entry. A song that opens up as a ballad and develops into a dynamic, why not, dance track. 31-year-old Paolo surprises us with a powerful performance, immaculate vocal skills, and (does it sound frivolous?) a cute face. Era Stupendo (It Was Great) stands every chance for a decent final position in one of the Semi-Finals in Serbia.

[Just for the record, last year, DJ Bobo entered the competition with a flying start - everyone believed that his Vampires are Alive will bring the early age of techno back and revive it in the ESC. Unfortunately, he finished twentieth and did not make it to the Final in Helsinki.]

Again in Helsinki last year, it was Bonaparte from Latvia who acknowledged the Italian language with the canzonetta Questa Notte. Seems like the interest for the Italian culture is not yet forgotten in the ESC.


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