Popular Greek OGAE memeber competes for Spain


Eurovision journalist Georgios Kalpakidis, aka Gorgi, whom the Eurovision community know as a highly influential, pushy, capable, and charming member of the OGAE Greek club, has decided to compete as composer at the Spanish national preselection with his song Destiny (Nuestro Destino). Teh song is performed by popular Spanish star Crystina Maez. Destiny is an uptempo track with lively charge and atmosphere. Sounds like a successful attempt.

Here is what Gorgi has to say about the new venture:

Right after Lithuania, I am giving it another shot for Eurovision 2008, this time for Spain! My song “Destiny” with lyrics written by José J.Santana and Miguel Loredo is taking part in the spanish preselection [...] We hope it will find a way to your hearts and finally a place in the country’s final to come! Keep your fingers crossed for us guys! The battle starts once more!
Besos a todos

Spain – one of the Big Four in Eurovision – participates in the Eurovision Song Contest every year by rule. Whatever they decide to do, however famous stars the Spanish broadcaster invites, Spain has rarely managed to achieve any serious success on the Contest.


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