Right from the horse’s mouth: Eurovision on again


Indeed, I’m not a very diligent blogger, and I feel even worse talking to the hundreds of serious writers who analyse Eurovision in the manner such a contest truely deserves. Part of my failure to contribute to the world of letters might be attributed to the 30 degrees of Serbian heat pouring over my head. Or simply to the fact that I’ve been busy visiting various parties. And there’s been a lot of parties so far, and this is just the beginning.

So, once you enter Belgrade, you can immediately feel the atmosphere of a festival city. Everything from the posters, through the billboards, to the T-shirts and smiles volunteers wear makes you feel grand. Perfect organisation is too weak a word to describe the way people here work. Belgrade, the venue, the people, the weather… all tick like a Swiss watch.

I’m not tempted to analyse any of the songs. They are all different – some more than others, but most of them are worth noting. There is of course the camp show, the brit-pop crazy guy, the theatrical performance, the variety theatre show, a pinch of Molene Rouche, some parody as usual. But I do hope that true art will jubilee this year (I’m not saying, for a change).

Every night parties rock the Euroclub in Sava Center and the Eurocafe. It does look like a confluence of people, music, cultures, ideas and energies. (Not all positive, I must admit.) The more you dig into Eurovision, the further you go, the more you want to know how it’s made!

You must have already taken a glimpse at the stage – it is simply GOURGEOUS. Once you get inside the Arena, and have a close look at it, you can’t help thinking that the idea could have been carried out in a better way, which should not underestimate the value of this facility. Seen on screen, however, everything changes into a brilliant fairy-tale. Director Sven Stojanovic has come up with fascinating concepts challinging the viewer with curious points of view. The light director, the graphic designer, the sound manager, the stage manager… I must be missing out someone, they all know all 43 songs, and sing along the tracks during rehearsals. I simply adore the way these people work.

Okay, it’s all about the songs and artists, isn’t it? Why, do I need to tell you anything, when you’ve already picked your favourite? Mind you, I’ll post some curious pieces of news in a couple of hours, but let me first take a short nap after a night of three amazing parties.


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