Ruslana releases a new album


The Ukrainian star Ruslana, who won the 2004 ESC, held in Istanbul, Turkey, is releasing her new album “Wild Energy” later this year. The album will be sold in most European countries, Middle East and China, Yuriy Melnyk at International Communications, Agency of Ruslana said in a press release. “Wild Energy” will also be distributed all over the world on the Internet.

As a significant part of the album’s promotion, Ruslana is planning a world premiere of her Wild Energy show, a mystical and magnificent performance. Ruslana’s visit of some European countries has been scheduled for not later than next months. “Among other things, the album and show, based on an elaborate and philosophical fantasy plot, promote a new philosophy of energy production and consumption and a gradual shift towards more renewable energy,” Melnyk said.

Ruslana is a typical example of a successful Eurovision artist, just like ABBA, Johnny Logan, Keti Garbi, Helena Paparisou, t.A.T.u., and Dana International, to name but a few.


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