Simon Mathew: All For Fame


So, there I am, lying in the passenger’s seat, a couple of days after the ESC Final, getting a ride from Belgrade back home, trying to catch some sleep. I start fumbling sleepily through the heap of albums and singles I got during the ESC weeks, searching for who knows what. I already know most of the songs by heart, and it’s not worth bothering, no, not this time. But an album catches my eye. Simon Mathew seems to be winking to me from the glossy cover, shouting – play me, play me.

So, the album I’ve been listening to in my car since from time to time since Eurovision 08 is Simon Mathew’s All For Fame, the perfect summer collection. It takes off with the merry upbeat tune of Get Me High, so much in Simon’s typical style. I wonder why Simon did not pick up Deep or Stay On for his Danish Eurovision entry, much deeper indeed. Great music!

Kicking Up A Storm is a breath of fresh air as well. The rest is left for you to discover. Well, if you listen to it 100 times, it might sound less and less original, and this is its major drawback. Yet, the vocal is nice and recognisable, making the “All for Fame” a must-have. Enjoy it!


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