Six and 1/2 reasons to stay in bed on Saint Valentine’s Day


There’s always this group of people, who are up against all holidays, but we want to make it clear now that we do NOT belong to this mob. We’d love to have a glass of wine anytime for any reason and parties keep us very much alive and kicking.

However, there’s this notable exception! What’s really the fuss on St. Valentine, we often wonder? Why does the world go mental on this day and embarks on a huge quest across seas of flirty, fluffy, feathery, and fleecy gifts painted in red? For my short experience on this planet, I’ve come up with a list of reasons why not to join in the common commotion and refuse to accept that day February 14 has anything to do with the red rivers of candies, chocolate, flowers, vibrators, underwear, and red(!) polar bear key-chains – all shaped like hearts or in heart-shaped boxes.

So here’s my six and a half reasons why I’d love to stay in bed on Saint Valentine’s:

  1. It’s February, people! Unless you live in the Southern hemisphere, it’s winter up here, and it’s snow and frost everywhere. So, I prefer to tuck myself under my crazy quilt and try to catch some more sleep.
  2. Those who are in love are so cheerful and merry, that those who are not look even more sulky and miserable. For this reason only, I’d love to stay at home and have my glass of wine contemplating the sparks of my imaginary fireplace.
  3. Pubs are packed as if they were giving away beverages for free. The waitress is never coming and she’s always forgotten something. Everybody’s shouting and kissing loud that I feel as if I were in the jungle.
  4. Waitresses and taxi drivers are human beings too: they have feelings, they love and are loved! And we should consider these facts! That’s why be understanding and stay in bed, so that waitresses won’t have to work till late and can meet the taxi drivers (who won’t have to drive till late) and enjoy the night together :)
  5. Staying at home means, above all, listening to your favourite music. Anywhere you go, they’ll play exactly what you don’t like, even if you’re in the pub you frequent (of course, if you can hear any music at all, given the noisy crowds in the paragraph above). Pubs get massively changed to attract people of all tastes, and this can pose a real threat to your ear and good mood.
  6. Staying in bed, you won’t have to buy one of these presents that face the inescapable fate – buried in a drawer, gathering dust for ages, forgotten by next Valentine. Better get a bottle of red wine in a jiffy and enjoy the effect of spirits on your and your partner’s good spirits.
    6 1/2. If you’ve been reading so far, you already know that the bed is the perfect place to spend Saint Valentine’s day. It guarantees a great time with your loved one, and can well be a kick-off of a fresh member of the gang. So, beware, too.


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