Six Eurovision divas in front of the camera, naked


An ambitious Serbian project gathers six most beautiful Eurovision 2008 women for a special photo session.

Journalist Goran Iovanovic and photographer Zoran Ilic selected six most gourgeous ladies from Eurovision 2008 for a special photo session, which will be published in Alo daily newspaper, and Blitz Puls magazine. What’s so special about it, you might wonder. Well, something you don’t get every day is that the ladies wear nothing but the national flag of their country. Just like Marilyn Monroe with the US flag, back in the 40s.

The beauties, invited to participate in the project are Ani Lorak from Ukraine, Kalomira from Greece, Morena from Malta, Joanna from Bulgaria, Charlotte Perrelli from Sweden, and Isis Gee from Poland.

Asked how he decided to kick off this project, Goran said that he wouldn’t have missed this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, when tens of lovely ladies come to Belgrade. Goran promised to send over photos, so you will be able to enjoy them pretty soon. If you are too impatient, and are luckily in Belgrade, have a look at Monday’s issue of Alo.


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