“If you feel capable of imitating Massiel, Karina or Rodolfo Chikilicuatre, and want once and for all to bring Eurovision to Spain, this is your chance.” This is how the Spanish broadcaster TVE has decided to select its 2009 ESC representative – via an online announcement on Myspace.

This year they are not only looking for the most capable, talented, attractive, and charismatic representative of Spain at the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow, but also for one of the five jurors who will help select them. 50 songs qualifying for the semi-final will be selected in a mixed jury and audience vote.

This is not the first time TVE has turned to online applications to pick its Eurovision entrant, remember? Last year they had the same process, which they reckon proved successful and sent Rodolfo to Serbia. The deadline is December 19, so if you feel like joining the extravaganza, be quick!

The European audience has just chosen its favourite 2008 Eurovision song – Belive!
He comes from Russia and this is his second participation in the Eurovision Song Contest.


Here is the top ten ranking:

  1. Russia
  2. Ukraine
  3. Greece
  4. Armenia
  5. Norway
  6. Serbia
  7. Turkey
  8. Azerbaijan
  9. Israel
  10. Bosnia & Herzegovina

Tonight we enjoyed a magnificent show. The First Semi-Final was a blend of wonderful songs and performances. Only 10 survived out of the 19 participants.

Here is the list of the songs qualifying for the Final on 24 May:


  • Greece
  • Romania
  • Bosnia & Herzegovina
  • Finland
  • Russia
  • Israel
  • Azerbaijan
  • Armenia
  • Poland
  • Norway

25th April, 9PM is the Friday you need to mark in your organisers because this will be a huge huge preview Eurovision party, to mark the last month before the Contest in Belgrade. The party will rock will the early hours of Saturday, as the hosts promise to close the event not earlier than 3AM. The venue – Scala, London.

This will be a party, which’ll give all Eurovision fans living on the Island, the change to warm up for the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest. British, French, German and Dutch, as long as you like Eurovision, will be able to come and join in the hot show.

UK Eurovision Preview Party The main actor: DJ Dave Simmons will be blending in popular historical and trendy contemporary Eurovision sound. Several artists participating in this-year’s event in Belgrade will be special guests, among them Maltese Morena, the charismatic charmer from Ukraine Ani Lorak, American-born Isis Gee representing Poland this year, and the sweet Euroband from Iceland.

Well, this party definitely promises to become something that any Eurovision fan respecting themselves should not miss!

After months of heated debates and hard work for the juries, here is the final list of the participants in the semifinal of THE GO – MALTA SONG FOR EUROPE 2008. The semifinal will be held on 24 January.

  1. Loved by you, Glen & Pamela
  2. Caravaggio, Claudia Faniello
  3. Give me a chance, Eleanor Cassar
  4. My last Encore, Mary Spiteri
  5. Casanova, Morena
  6. Throw your stones, Daniela Vella
  7. Love is just the way, Rosman Pace
  8. GO, Klinsmann
  9. Vodka, Morena
  10. Whispers, Pamela
  11. Superhero, Klinsmann
  12. Contradiction, Jean Claude Vancell
  13. All Right, Chris u Moira
  14. Tangled, Jessica Muscat
  15. If you Believe, Mary Spiteri
  16. Street car of desire, Petra Zammit
  17. Sunrise, Claudia Faniello

The popular names of the Maltese show business are present again: Gerard James Borg is author of Casanova , Throw your stones, Vodka, Superhero and Tangled working in collaboration with Phillip Vella, who composed all these songs; Fleur Balzan wrote the lyrics for Loved By You, Give Me a Chance and Whispers.

MaltaSong FestivalSome of the most famous Maltese artists will try their luck at this-year’s forum again: Fabrizio Faniello’s sister Claudia will perform two songs, one of them a catchy modern pop song, dedicated to the Italian painter Caravaggio. Glen and Pamela will try to impress the audience with their up-tempo Loved by you, which smacks of the 80s, but is a typical festival song; Eleanor Cassar will compete with a touching ballad, charged with power and vocal skills, but nothing surprising as far as composition and lyrics are concerned.

Klinsmann introduces a very positive and fresh note in the festival with his Superhero – something of a college rock and English pop rock. I can’t help picturing how Morena’s song Vodka would be staged in Belgrade in case it has the chance to win the Maltese national selection – it’s a fascinating and energetic blend of styles and national traditions, but definitely worth seeing, though not brilliant in vocal aspect.

The Final of Maltasong will be held on Saturday 26 January. I’m very curious who will win the Maltese national selection.