The ten Eurovision qualifiers’ pressconference


The pressconference of the ten coutries qualifying from the First Semi-Final for the Final has just finished. Here is what they had to say, trilled with emotions 15 minutes after hearing the good news.

Kalomira was all too excited. In her typical girlish style, she found it difficult to say who is the biggest threat to her at the Final. “There are a lot of good songs and great performances in the SF2,” she said. Representing such a Eurovision-minded country like Greece is very hard, as a Greek journalist suggested. Kalomira’s answer was that the reason why she were so nervous was because of the people. GThe felt extremely grateful for the good energy from all the people holding flags in the hall and for the support from all the Greek people. Number for the final: 21

Niko and Vlad said that they are ready for a great success at the Final on 24 May. “We hope it will be a great success in the Final,” Vlad said. He admitted that the most important element in their performance that let them pass to the final was the connection between him and Niko. Whether it’s only on stage, it’s for you to decide. Number for the final: 1

Bosnia & Herzegovina
When asked how it feels being in the Final the eccentric Laka said that he is excited, because he had to pee. Laka revealed us a huge mystery in the life of artists, seems like. Number in final: 6

The Finnish hard-rock band confided that the fact that they have qualified for the Final means that still there are heavy-metal people in Europe. When asked what he thinks about the support of Sweden and Norway, expressed in various local media, the frontman of the band said: “We, Scandinavians should stick together.” Number in the final: 8

Dima Bilan was abvously very high after his victory. Excited and maybe a bit confused, Dima could not say many connected things. He expressed his hope that in the future, people should stay all happy, because music is magic. World figure-skating champion Evgeni Plushenko said that he was scared and excited to go on stage. And although he is a world champion, Eurovision is somethng completely different for him. Number in the final: 24

Boaz said that he was surprised that he qualified for the final. “I’m waiting for the real final, though,” he said, implying that the semi-final was just a warm-up for the real fight. Number in the final: 7

As freshmen in Eurovision, the representatives of Azerbaijan said that their good results are very important for their country. Number in the final: 20

Sirusho said that the last thing she was thinking before going on stage was her “beautiful country, the people I met during my tours. I was taking all the love with me on stage.” Number in the final: 5

Isis Gee expressed her hounour for being among the finalists. “…it takes tremendous courage to be an artist in this contest. It takes a lot of strength,” Isis said. Mrs. Gee said that she always project her emotions through her music, which is the most eternal blessing in the world. And that she is happy for all the steps she walked to get to the final. Number in the final: 10

Maria did extremelly well, and she got the well-deserved place in the final. A fascinating question was asked – how she felt waiting for nine envelopes to be opened until Norway found its place. “It was nerve-breaking,” Maria said with a lovely sense of humour. She expressed her gratitude to all the fans who were shouting all the time. Maria got a really lucky number in the final: 25


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