The UK to rock Eurovision with… a pop-soul song


Theatre rules over Eurovision. A handful of countries send stage performances to Belgrade with little musical value. The UK goes off the beaten track of theatre and presents a classic soul track.

Andy Abraham with his charming track Even If won the ticket to Belgrade on 1 March in London. He achieved the success with a merry, cheerful pop-soul / gospel song, and a mighty sweet performance on stage. It is definitely music for special moods and connoisseurs. And we know that there are many people among Eurovision fans who can appreciate valuable music …

Andy AbrahamThanks God, this year, it’s not air-hostesses or any other form of theatre that the UK will send to Europe. Not that we dislike British Airways, but let it be music above all.

Meanwhile, Latvia got its national winner, a downright theatre performance: the band Wolves of the sea with the song Pirates Of The Sea.

More of the stage, as previously known, Bosnia and Herzegovina will be presented by Elvir Lakovic – Laka with the song Pokusaj (Try). The good news is that the song is already available, and as we speculated earlier, the track is purely crazy, more dramatic than musical in its nature, more for the music hall than for the Eurovision stage.

Not to mention Ireland‘s Dustin Turkey and his amazing variety show!

Seems like we are up to a fascinating Eurovision season.


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