Tickets for Eurovision Belgrade, not just yet


Situation with ticket purchase for Eurovision Song Contest, Serbia, 2008 turns out to be Waiting-for-Godot-like.

Picture you’re an average Eurovision fan. You usually plan your trips to the Euro extravaganza well in advance. Buying a ticket is a task number one, once you’ve decided to visit the event. You don’t sleep for days on end waiting for the sacred day, when the host TV will open up the ticket sale.

What is your surprise when neither of the well-known sources refer you to any place where you can buy the cherished piece of paper!

Just like you, I was searching for tickets. As a Eurovision “expert”, I promised my friends to find tickets, “at least for the Final, please”, so that’s how my venture took off: I visited the official website of the venue, the website of the host TV, all the vendors I know. None!! The selling points remained silent till the end of the day, and I remained awaiting their answer.

Anyway, rumours have it that tickets for the 2008 ESC will be available soon. Lets wait and see.

Update: Tickets are now available for package purchase online.


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