Top 5 ways to kick-off a music career… and quick


Ever thought of becoming a great music star? Impossible? Read on, and you’ll see that a music career is not a mission impossible today.

What follows is an offer of 5 top spots where your music talent, even though you might be unaware of it, can be recognized by specialists.

  1. Frequent the bathroom, not necessarily to take a shower. The acoustics of the pipes and the ambiance of the place guarantees fast fame.
  2. Go camping in the mountains. Encountering a bear can change your life for good, but it can also be the beginning of a glorious career in opera.
  3. Use any chance to line up with a crowd of strangers. Never mind why, queuing to get the best seats for tonight’s gig, or waiting for your hot meal in the canteen, make sure you shout loud. You never know if anyone’s looking for partners for their new band. Local gigs are the best first source of income…
  4. Flood the Internet with your last single. You’ve got nothing to lose. Only those, whose mobiles are off all the time, never end up with a flat battery. But.. never get the crucial calls…
  5. Finally, try singing while bungee-jumping. Improvisation in show biz, I tell you, is what’ll keep you way ahead of the mobs.


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