What is it gonna be in Poland for Eurovision 2008?


On 23 February, Warsaw will dance in the rhythms of its Eurovision Song Contest selection. Three wild cards, and a bunch of other popular names fill in the picture. Here is the final list advised by the local organisers from TVP:

  1. Zywiolak – the first wildcard in the show.
  2. Kasia Nova’s The Devil is a typical dance track, but not particularly special. Let me go on with the rest of the songs.
  3. Edi Ann’s song LOVEn’U is a tender and delicate, very much in the style of Mariah Carey, especially as Ms. Ann is very good at the high tones. Not bad indeed.
  4. Izabela Kopec – wildcard
  5. Starnawski & Urban Noiz – It’s not a Game one of the few men in the Polish Eurovision. Smacks of the States again, but with a good ballet on stage it could do quite well. I fancy the guy’s voice.
  6. Queens – I Say My Body
  7. Isis Gee – For Life: listening to a third soft ballad in Poland’s selection makes me wonder how the director of the show will deal with so many slow songs. But Gee’s song is so much worth listening to again and again as it’s extremely powerful and balanced. The white-dominated video enhances the effect as well. For me – the best, and very promising in Belgrade.
  8. Man Meadow – Viva la Musica is lacking in imagination and everything else..
  9. Afromental – Thing we’ve got – sounds so much like Justin Timberlake that I can’t stop listening to him. A soft melodic song that reminds one of the American tradition, especially combined with the reggae-like backing vocals. I’m sure if this is a winning combination at Eurovision, but it’s definitely worth noting.
  10. Plastic – Do something. Always look on the bright side of life, Plastic seem to be telling us. An upbeat merry and light track. Could go well with a curious choreography, though it’s not terribly potential.
  11. Sandra Oxenryd – Superhero that makes me think of the Scandinavian tradition in Eurovision. A bit like Carola, a bit like everything we’ve already heard. But give it an ear if you’ve got the chance. People might well like it.
  12. Natasza Urbanska – wildcard
  13. Margo – Dlatego walcz. A nice surprise in Polish, a song about love, strong and cheerful. Well, why not?


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