Worth noting – Georgian National selection!


Georgia will have a huge Eurovision show, not just a party, but a cut-throat competition between 12 very professional songs. I can’t decide for my favourite.

Here are some of them, all ready to fight for their right to represent Georgia in Belgrade. To be decided on 1 March.

Salome KorkotashviliCaptaine. That’s by far and away my top favourite, unless it turns out she can’t sing it live. A jolly wee song, which, if combined with a nice show, can go to the Final.

3GI’m free. Oh, yes! Three girls singing like mad, ala-Anastasia, though her voice is muck more hoarse, thus, more effective. An upbeat pop-rock track, very professional and well-performed.

Salome GasvianiShare your love. Salome is talented girl, who could easily convince you that Georgia is the cradle of world music. We’ve seen ballads with a distinct American sound, failing to perform well at Eurovision, but who knows. This time, it might be the year of the ballads. Well done!

Aleko BerdzenishviliThe beautiful girl. People out these seem to be hugely influenced by music from the US. But, correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t this song amazingly beautiful?! Slightly irritating male vocal, which we can get used to if performed in a huge hall with nice acoustics. And he can for sure sing live.

Tika PatsatsiaNever change. Singer, dancer, TV presenter, Miss Georgia. A bad rock girl! Shall we add – a potential ESC Georgia winner?

The rest are:
Diana GurtskayaPeace Will Come
Irakli PirtskhalavaFreedom
TeatroniGeorgia invites friends
Tako GachechiladzeMe and my funky
Guga AptsiauriDon’t look at me
Tamta ChelidzeGive me your love


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