Dima Bilan gets two awards after a great tour in Gemany


On December 6th, the German city of Essen welcomed the 2008 Eurovision winner Dima Bilan for a second time, and saw his biggest concert in Germany so far. The Grugahalle concert venue was crowded during a one-night concert – more than 8 thousand people came to see the Eurovision star. The great demand of tickets was also the reason why the concert was rescheduled earlier to the day of St. Nicolas.

Not only due to the concert, but for all his merit, Bilan’s popularity grows greater and greater. So much so that he was nominated in two categories of the third edition of ESC Radio Awards and got the two trophies, as expected. Now Dima can bring home the Best Song and Best Male Artist Awards for Eurovision 2008. Would you agree that he deserves these awards?

The complete list of the 2008 ESC Radio Award winners is as follows:

Dima Bilan (Russia) – Best Song, Best Male Artist
Ani Lorak (Ukraine) – Best Female Artist
Euroband (Iceland) – Best Group


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