Share the moment… in Oslo


Norway came up with the theme for the 55th anniversary of the Eurovision Song Contest, to be held between 25 and 29 May in Oslo: SHARE THE MOMENT!

Eurovision Oslo theme

After the deadline for participation in the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest passed, a total of 39 participants have confirmed their participation in the most popular European music event.

There are no surprises but for the come-back of Georgia. Here is the final list of participants in the 55th Eurovision.

Albania —– Armenia —– Azerbaijan —– Belarus —– Belgium —– Bosnia & Herzegovina —– Bulgaria —– Croatia —– Cyprus —– Denmark —– Estonia —– Finland —– France —– FYR Macedonia —– Georgia —– Germany —– Greece —– Iceland —– Ireland —– Israel —– Latvia —– Lithuania —– Malta —– Moldova —– The Netherlands —– Norway —– Poland —– Portugal —– Romania —– Russia —– Serbia —– Slovakia —– Slovenia —– Spain —– Sweden —– Switzerland —– Turkey —– Ukraine —– United Kingdom

You have to know that May is one of the finest and loveliest moments to be in Norway. Make sure to book a ticket to Oslo as soon as possible. Shortly I’ll offer a list of survival tips in one of the most expensive countries in the world.

See you soon :-)


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