10 first semi-finalists qualify for the final


10 out of 18 counties performing at the First Eurovision Semi-final made it to the Final on Saturday later this week. The happy artists who managed to win their way to the top are as follows:

  • Turkey: Hadise — Düm Tek Tek
  • Sweden: Malena Ernman — La Voix
  • Israel: Noa & Mira Awad — Noa & Mira Awad
  • Portugal: Flor-de-lis — Todas As Ruas Do Amor
  • Malta: Chiara — What If We
  • Finland: Waldo’s People — Lose Control
  • Bosnia & Herzegovina: Regina — Bistra Voda
  • Romania: Elena — The Balkan Girls
  • Armenia: Inga & Anush — Jan Jan
  • Iceland: Yohanna — Is It True?

These guys can have a rest of two days and enjoy Moscow. They will join the UK, Spain, France, Germany and Russia at the Final on Saturday.

19 other countries compete on Thursday.

Do I need to say that most of the songs performed tonight were terrible? Perhaps the most fascinating thing on stage was the performance of the Russian military choir accompanied by a balalaika player and t.A.T.u appearing a bit later with their hit “Nas ne Dogonyat” (“They’re Not Gonna Get Us”).

Especially terrible was Krassimir and his Illusion, or as some commentators said “it was the most kitsch performance tonight”. Hadise from Turkey had the b est voice not being able to sing a single note correctly, but she was the first to qualify. Armenia was quite a disgrace too, but the two sisters made it to the top ten too. Of course I hope to see more quality music in a couple of days.


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